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A Charge Point Operator or CPO is the one who manages a charging point or charging station. Usually, the charge point operators own & develop a network of charging stations across a geography. The EV users use these charging stations to charge their electric vehicles through Charge Point Operator’s or eMSP providers mobile applications or Smart Cards.

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Charge Point Operator (CPO) is an eMobility industry player that builds EV charging sites, installs hardware from a variety of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) vendors, and ensures optimal ongoing EV charging operations.

A CPMS helps charge point operators (CPO) provide a good EV charging experience. The benefit to the CPO includes more insights to generate revenue and reduce the total cost of owning and operating their charge points. It uses the open charge point protocol to monitor availability of charge points to ensure maximum uptime.

The CPOs need charge point management software (CPMP) as they can see the availability, utilization and revenue for all their charge points through a centralized portal; they can also manage their fleet of charge points remotely. Additionally, they can keep track of who used which charge point when, and for how long they did so.

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